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Weeknights at 11/10
Anna Faris stars in "Mom." Pair it with "American Dad" and then finish off with a showing of "Girls" for a real nuclear family night.
Anna Faris
We’re so excited that "Nathan For You," star Nathan Fielder is here. In his honor, we’ve stocked his dressing room with hundreds of cans of Dumb Starbucks coffee.
Nathan Fielder
Dhani Harrison's new album is In///Parallel. The forward slashes are silent.
Dhani Harrison
On one of his recent visits, JB Smoove made Conan do push-ups between his legs. We can only imagine what sexy exercise routine JB has planned next.
JB Smoove
Whitney Cummings has said her new book, I’m Fine…And Other Lies, will help readers learn how to stop being crazy, which definitely seems worth the $16.90 investment.
Whitney Cummings
On his website, Joel Kim Booster claims to care deeply about "various feuds." We’re hoping that Joel takes this as an opportunity to reveal whether he’s Team Edward or Team Jacob.
Joel Kim Booster
The lovely Kristen Bell stars in "A Bad Moms Christmas," alongside the equally lovely Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn. For the record, we think they’re all fantastic moms.
Kristen Bell
Frank Grillo goes from the ass-kicking villain Crossbones in "Captain America: Civil War" to the ass-kicking Leo Barnes in "The Purge: Election Year," to the ass-kicking getaway driver in "Wheelman." We sense a theme here.
Frank Grillo
If you haven’t seen Beth Stelling perform stand-up, stop what you’re doing and go watch her half hour special in "The Standups" on Netflix.
Beth Stelling
In "A Bad Moms Christmas," Mila plays one of the titular bad mothers. If Mila is bad, then we don't wanna be good.
Mila Kunis
Maria Bamford stars in "Lady Dynamite," which features an array of guest stars, including Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Patton Oswalt, Seth Meyers, Judd Apatow, and basically every other hilarious person we can think of.
Maria Bamford
King Krule is our favorite lanky, guitar-playing ginger…other than our boss, of course. His new album is The Ooz.
King Krule