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Weeknights at 11/10
Ashton Kutcher stars in "The Ranch." Do you think that they refer to all the set decoration as Ranch Dressing?
Ashton Kutcher
Christian Navarro stars in the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." Season two is available to stream now.

Photo Credit: Eric Hobbs
Christian Navarro
Legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr had aspirations to become a professional football player. We're sure glad he didn't. His new album Call the Comet is available now.
Johnny Marr
Chris Hardwick hosts "Talking with Chris Hardwick," "Talking Dead," "Talking Bad," "Talking Saul," and "Talking Preacher." Can you guess what he's here to do?
Chris Hardwick
Leslie Bibb stars in "Tag," a movie about a group of friends who play an annual month-long game of tag. We have a similar tradition with our friends playing hide-and-seek. We've never been found, but we're pretty sure they're looking.
Leslie Bibb
Nore Davis is a comedian from New York City. In order to make him feel more at home here, we've filled his dressing room with bagels, cronuts, and slow walking tourists.
Nore Davis
The incredible Jodie Foster stars in "Hotel Artemis" with Sterling K. Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, and Dave Bautista. It looks like an awesome movie, but it's a pity it has such unknowns in the cast.
Jodie Foster
Flula Borg once invited Conan to Germany to eat muesli and watch old people on benches. Obviously Conan said yes.
Flula Borg
When you listen to Neko Case's album Hell-On, you'll feel like you’re in heaven-on. Trust us.
Neko Case
Kate Mara comes from a football dynasty family, which basically makes her U.S. royalty. Her new show "Pose" airs Sundays at 9pm on FX.
Kate Mara
Sam Richardson stars in "Detroiters," alongside his on-screen and real life BFF Tim Robinson. Conan and Andy also auditioned for the show, but they screen-tested horribly together.
Sam Richardson
Not only is Hari Kondabolu hilarious but he has a Masters in Human Rights from the London School of Economics. We haven't been this impressed since we found out Ken Jeong has an MD.
Hari Kondabolu