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Weeknights at 11/10
Anna Faris stars in "Mom." Pair it with "American Dad" and then finish off with a showing of "Girls" for a real nuclear family night.
Anna Faris
The very funny Kyle Kinane has a Comedy Central special called "Loose in Chicago." Just remember, if you encounter a wild Kyle Kinane loose in public, do not make eye contact and contact the appropriate authorities/Comedy Central.
Kyle Kinane
The legendary Nick Lowe and the also legendary Los Straitjackets have teamed up for a new EP entitled Tokyo Bay / Crying Inside. It's the best collaboration since Conan and Andy.
Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets
Pete Holmes is one of our favorite guests - and not just because we're suckers for Boston-born comedians who are at least 6'4.
Pete Holmes
In "Unleashed," Kate Micucci’s two pets turn into the perfect men who vie for her attention. Wow, we’d give anything to get our cat to acknowledge us just once…
Kate Micucci
Ted Alexandro's new special is "Senior Class of Earth." Who knew the end of the world could be so hilarious?
Ted Alexandro
UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is without a doubt the most charming, charismatic person we've ever met who could kick our butt in a half a second flat.
Conor McGregor
Brian Posehn has been a self-proclaimed nerd for five decades, which makes him the perfect candidate to write a book entitled Forever Nerdy: Living My Dorky Dreams and Staying Metal.
Brian Posehn
The Kills' album is entitled Ash & Ice , which also happens to be the name of our favorite American Gladiators.
The Kills
We love that our friend Deon Cole is everywhere now. He’s appearing in "Barbershop," "Black-ish," and "Angie Tribeca," which combine our three favorite things: Deon, Rashida Jones, and dogs doing people things.
Deon Cole