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Wanted: Your Conan Snowmen For TV

ATTENTION PERSONS LIVING IN SNOW-BLANKETED PLACES: Are you wondering what to do with all that frigid white stuff outside your front door? Why not roll it into the form of a pasty white Irish talk show host? If you do, then upload of photo of it to the "Team Coco Fans" Flickr group, it could end up on CONAN -- just like the three handsome snowmen above did tonight. Of course, it could also terrify any children or pets living in your vicinity, but such is the price of ART. So please send us your Conan (or Conan-related) snowmen. We at Team Coco HQ wish we could make snowmen, but we live in a scorching hot desert racked by fire and earthquakes -- so we're eager to live vicariously through you instead.

Upload Your Conan Snowman To The "Team Coco Fans" Flickr Group. Thanks and have fun!