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Live Coco Cam Hourly Highlights

The Live Coco Cam is up and running NOW OVER, BABIES! For all you slackers who missed any of the action, check this post for sundry photo and video highlights.

10am PST, Hour 1: 80's Aerobics Session


10:45am PST, Hour 2: A Puzzled Labamba


12:29pm PST, Hour 3: 1st Conan sighting! Eating an apple during Andres' Coco College lecture


Andres, Coco College Professor

  1:33pm PST, Hour 4: Dancing Taco! 3:39pm PST, Hour 6: Jordan Schlansky Staring Contest 4:15pm PST, Hour 7: Punishment Bingo 5:59pm PST, Hour 8: Rob Morrow from "The Whole Truth" sings an original song 6:40pm PST, Hour 9: Pierre Bernard (Conan GFX) draws Hannah Kitziger (intern) 6:45pm PST, Hour 9: Conan sighting #2! (Conan reacts to Hannah's portrait) 7:05pm PST, Hour 10: Romantic Dinner Date with Katie and Chris (waited on by Scott) 8:03pm PST, Hour 10: Champion Of The World Contest 8:34pm PST, Hour 10: George Lopez & Dog the Bounty Hunter (Before they made off with some of our computers!) 9:43pm PST, Hour 11: Artist C. Michael Frey with his muse, Ross 10:21 pm PST, Hour 12: Eating Contest Sunny, Ralph & Todd (The Winner!) 12:23 am PST, Hour 13: Four Guys and a Dog, Play Poker 1:08 am PST, Hour 14: Dance Party! 2:45 am PST, Hour 15: Intern Lasso 3:22 am PST, Hour 16: 3am Stand Up Showcase 4:00 am PST, Hour 17: Zombie Attack! 5:45 am PST, Hour 18: Bear Aerobics 7:43 am PST, Hour 21: Mariachi 9:15 am PST, Hour 23: Puppet Theatre ("Conan" First Week Guests Announced!) Videos (watch full playlist here):