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Reno: It's Like Vegas, But Without All The Douchebags!

So we finished our last show in Vegas last night, and the buses didn't leave until 3am... So we hung around and did a bit of gambling.  As everyone knows, the key to winning is knowing when to walk away, right? Right.  So here's what happened:

- I put a hundred bucks on black.  It hits, and I win a hundred bucks.  I go to cash out.

- Right after cashing out, Cronick and I are walking back to the table, and we see a huge posse of big muscular dudes... And right in the middle is Floyd Mayweather. He's tiny, and in a long sleeved white shirt. Oh yeah, and the night before, he won a HUGE boxing match. I say congrats, and he says thanks.  AWESOME.

- I turn to Cronick and I'm like "DUDE. THAT WAS FLOYD MAYWEATHER." We both turn back around to look... And are almost run over by a chick who is wearing a garbage bag like a huge bib, and is throwing up into it as she's being escorted out by a bunch of friends and security.

Scott and I look at each other, and we're like.... "WE'RE OUT! THANKS VERY MUCH, VEGAS!!"

And we get on the bus and leave!  HA HA HA.  What a perfect, perfect way to leave the city of sin!

We pulled into Reno, Nevada early this morning... And it. is. BEAUTIFUL here. Wow. The snowcapped mountains surrounding our hotel are ridiculous! And the Grand Sierra (where we're playing tomorrow night) is sweet looking! So pretty! Here's what it looked like around sunset:

I was pretty beat when we got here and checked into our hotel, because Crotteau and I stayed up all night on the bus and then watched the sun rise over the desert at 6am this morning! It was stunning. On the way here, we also passed a couple of brothels (the one with the best name was "Shady Ladies"), and we also drove through this cool looking old mining town called "Goldfield Nevada".  It was like a movie set!!  Amazing. Incredible.  America is a crrrrraaaaazy place.

Speaking of crazy, I'm feeling a little insane - instead of sleeping, I spent all day playing lazer tag, driving go-karts, and playing air hockey with the rest of the tour crew!!!  Whew!  Too much fun, kids.  It's not healthy.  I shot a go-kart video that I'll try to get up tomorrow.... And that's that!  See you guys in the morning!