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    Batgirl Audition Tapes

    #ConanCon Highlight: Hilary Swank, Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford, and Nick Offerman are just a few of the multi-talented actors who auditioned for the upcoming Batgirl movie.

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    Batman Wants To Join The Marvel Universe

    #ConanCon Highlight: Batman is sick of the perpetually rainy and depressing DC Universe; he'd rather have a seat at the Avengers' table.

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    Therapy Wookiees Aren't Allowed At #ConanCon

    Service animals of all kinds are welcome at #ConanCon - as long as they don't make a habit of pulling people's arms out of their sockets.

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    Introducing: Thanos Butt Jeans

    Thanos Butt Jeans will give you infinity booty in a snap!