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    Clueless Gamer: "MLB The Show 18" With Aaron Judge

    CONAN Highlight: New York Yankees superstar and “MLB The Show 18” cover athlete Aaron Judge critiques Conan’s ass-out batting stance and presides over a mock trial as Judge Judge.

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    Julian Dennison Wasn’t A Fan Of Ryan Reynolds

    Before shooting "Deadpool 2," Julian mostly just knew Ryan Reynolds from "Green Lantern"...

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    Conan & Andy Hear Words Differently

    Conan hears a voice saying "hopscotch" but Andy hears a voice telling him to murder Conan with rat poison.

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    Tuxedo & Zapp "Shy" 05/22/18

    Tuxedo teams up with rollerskate dancers and funk icons Zapp Band to perform "Shy."

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    Carol Burnett: I Was Told Comedy Was A Man’s Game

    CONAN Highlight: When Carol Burnett said she wanted her own variety show, an executive told her "it’s not for you gals."