Animal Expert

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  1. 28 Critters On CONAN

    From cuddly baby coyotes to owls that eat deer, many an exotic beast has shed fur on Conan's couch.

  2. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Black Palm Cockatoo & Crocodile

    Is it just us, or do both of these creatures have extra-scary mouths?

  3. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Wallaby & Caracal

    The National Wildlife Federation Naturalist brings two furry beasts to Stage 15.

  4. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Baby Jaguars & Binturong

    Animal Expert David Mizejewski introduces the world to something called a binturong.

  5. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Monitor Lizard & Giant White Pelican

    Animal expert David Mizejewski introduces Conan to more animals that don't like him.

  6. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Brown Bear Cub & Baby Alligator

    Animal expert David Mizejewski brings Conan a real live teddy bear!

  7. Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Burmese Python & Cape Vulture

    Animal expert David Mizejewski puts Conan's life on the line with a python and a cape vulture.

  8. Scraps: Dangerous Animals

    Right before an animal segment, Conan and Andy reveal where the animals come from!

  9. "Dr. Bugs" Moffett Has Drugged-Out Toads, Sex-Champ Ants

    Mark "Dr. Bugs" Moffett shows off his lethal toad and a few unique insects.

  10. Mark Moffett's Satanic Frog & Delicious Mega-Larvae

    Dr. Bugs shows off the world's most frightening frog and something else that's terrible.

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