Bill Burr

Bill Burr

Bill Burr is our one of all-time favorite guests, but more importantly, he might able to tell us what the heck happened to Huell in "Breaking Bad!"

  1. Weird Fears: Bill Burr Is Terrified By The Ocean

    "There's no place on the planet where so clearly we're not supposed to be."

  2. Weird Fears: Bill Burr Refuses To Use Ramps

    Bill thinks walking on handicapped ramps is just tempting fate.

  3. Bill Burr Is Rooting For Justin Bieber

    CONAN Highlight: Bill feels strongly that Justin's behavior is perfectly normal for any Lamborghini-driving 19...

  4. Bill Burr Enjoys Getting Drunk

    Bill is newly sober. It's been a tough four days, and we shouldn't expect it to last.

  5. Bill Burr Hates Super Bowl Parties

    At Super Bowl parties, non-fans talk over the game and watch the commercials, and that drives Bill insane.

  6. Bill Burr Is Annoyed By Journalists

    Bill Burr wants reporters to just shut up and leave football coaches alone at halftime.

  7. Starstruck: Bill Burr Bombed In Front Of Eddie Murphy

    When Bill got within 20 feet of his comedy idol, suddenly everything fell to pieces.

  8. Bill Burr: "Paula Deen Is A $100 Million Whale"

    CONAN Highlight: Bill knows that Paula makes people too much money to just disappear, so he suggests creating The...

  9. Bill Burr Teaches Elijah Wood How To Kill

    Elijah is scared of home invasion, so Bill recommends a .22. Enough to put down a killer - without all that unpleasant...

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