End of Watch

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  1. Nobody Says Jake Gyllenhaal's Name Correctly

    Jake explains there are only two places on earth where "Gyllenhaal" gets pronounced authentically.

  2. Jake Gyllenhaal On Getting In Shape For "End Of Watch"

    Among other things, Jake got beat up by 14 kids in a dojo. Being an actor is hard work!

  3. Jake Gyllenhaal Rode With The LAPD For Five Months

    Jake did 50+ ride-alongs in a police cruiser, stuffed in the back seat like a criminal.

  4. Misogynistic Rapper Anna Kendrick Has A Dirty Taco Bell Secret

    Anna talks about her imaginary penis and drive-thru taco addiction.

  5. Anna Kendrick: Jake Gyllenhaal Got Tazed For Research

    The "End Of Watch" cast did some hardcore research. Anna Kendrick did not approve.

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