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  1. Conan & Andy's Dueling Mother's Day Flashback

    It's the "Rashomon" of taking moms to brunch. But with even more fisticuffs.

  2. Conan's Kick-Ass Christmas Party Flashback

    Just whose ass got kicked depends on if Andy or Conan tells the story and if Steven Ho is the one doing the kicking.

  3. Conan's July 4th Party Flashback

    Conan and Andy remember last year's disastrous 4th of July BBQ.

  4. Conan's Birthday Flashback

    Conan and Andy relive the nightmare that was Conan's birthday party.

  5. Conan's Super Bowl Party Flashback

    Conan may have overreacted a little bit when his beloved Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

  6. Conan And Andy: Office Xmas Party A-Holes

    The duo accuse each other of office party shenanigans. Who's worse?

  7. Flashback: Sexual Harassment @ Conan

    Conan and Andy catch each other in sticky situations before the show.

  8. Flashback: Pre-Show Pranks

    Conan and Andy flashback to before the show, when one of their pranks went very, very wrong.

  9. Flashback: Conan And Andy's Pre-Show Fight

    Conan and Andy make amends with one another after a terrible pre-show altercation.

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