Happy Endings

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  1. Adam Pally's Wife Is A Great Drinking Buddy

    Except when his 5'1 wife picks a fight with Amazonian Rebecca Romijn.

  2. Adam Pally Is Having Yet Another Baby

    His two kids will be 13 months apart; or as Adam calls them, Jewish-Irish twins.

  3. Casey Wilson Wants More Nudity In "Magic Mike"

    For equality's sake, Casey demands films with more "flopping dong."

  4. Thanks to "Happy Endings," Casey Wilson Is Sporting A Sling

    She might be on the injured list but she's still got some sweet dance moves.

  5. Elisha Cuthbert Is A Big Zumba Backer

    If you're picturing Elisha Cuthbert rocking some latin Jazzercise, just know her mom is usually with her too.

  6. Elisha Cuthbert's Sky High Tom Selleck Encounter

    Which is more awkward for Elisha: having "Happy Endings" air on her flight or Tom Selleck watching her sleep?

  7. Eliza Coupe Finds Masturbators On Both Coasts

    Eliza Coupe manages to stumble upon masturbators wherever she goes.

  8. Eliza Coupe: The "Happy Endings" Set Is One Big Sex Party

    Is she kidding? Is she serious? I guess only the castmembers of "Happy Endings" know for sure.

  9. Elisha Cuthbert's Mom Is A Talented Vomiter

    Elisha Cuthbert demonstrates her mother's reaction to "hot yoga."

  10. Elisha Cuthbert Stares Down Airplane Pudding Slurper

    Elisha Cuthbert implores you, if you must eat pudding on a plane, use a spoon.

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