Mike Merritt

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  1. Mike Merritt's Inner Thoughts: Martin Luther King Day Edition

    Our bassist is pretty sure that Conan is the whitest man alive and has no place talking about MLK.

  2. Mike Merritt's Inner Thoughts: Rosa Parks Edition

    Our bass player is pretty sure Conan doesn't know the first thing about racism. And he's got proof!

  3. Mike Merritt's Inner Thoughts: "Accidental Racist" Edition

    Our bass player thinks Conan is WAY too white to pontificate about Brad Paisley & LL Cool J.

  4. Mike Merritt's Inner Thoughts: "Django Unchained" Edition

    Mike thinks that Conan might not be the best expert on the black experience in the antebellum South.

  5. Mike Merritt & Deon Cole React To Conan's Obama Victory Speech

    "Conan is so white, albinos call him cracker."

  6. TNT's "Southland" Gives A "Conan" Shout-Out

    Mike Merritt from the Basic Cable Band was mentioned on "Southland", sort of.

  7. Rehearsal Scraps: Looks Gooood

    Conan and the rest of the show have some fun with the new CONAN catchprase!

  8. Jerry Rocks Out

  9. Mike Merritt Makes Fun Of Conan's Blackness 05/12/11

    Bass Player Mike Merritt rips on Conan's blackness... In his own head, of course.

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