Pitch Perfect

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  1. Adam DeVine's Awkward "Pitch Perfect" Fan Encounter

    A little girl sang her heart out for Adam and all he could think was, "Ugh, keep your day job."

  2. Adam DeVine Is Oozin' Out Of His Spanx

    After pigging out in New Orleans, Adam DeVine is a newfound believer in the healing power of Spanx.

  3. Adam DeVine's Mom Is Embarrassingly Proud

    Adam's parents burst into rapturous applause whenever he's on screen... lines or no lines.

  4. Elizabeth Banks On Dry-Humping At The MTV Movie Awards

    When Channing Tatum & Matthew McConaughey are near, anything can happen.

  5. Elizabeth Banks: "Pitch Perfect" Is Exactly Like "The Hunger Games"

    Minus that whole killing of innocent kids, plus lots of singin' & dancin', of course.

  6. Elizabeth Banks Was A Sexy-Flirty Latin Clubber

    While sharing nerdy college memories, Elizabeth has a wardrobe malfunction.

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