Ted Turner

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  1. Ted Turner Returns To Hunt Down Will Forte

    TBS' cranky founder and his stuffed buffalo Teddy Jr. are out for revenge.

  2. The "Ted Turner" SYNC Takeover

    Vitriolic highlights from the "Ted Turner" takeover of the Team Coco App.

  3. Ted Turner Welcomes Conan To His Beloved Atlanta

    By welcomes, we mean ridicules mercilessly, taunts sadistically, and then plugs his line of Montana Grill...

  4. Ted Turner & Super-Sized Teddy Jr. Stop By

    The TBS founder wants to give Clint Eastwood a piece of his mind.

  5. Ted Turner Brings Warm Birthday Wishes

    Ted Turner stops by with Teddy Jr. to wish Conan and Kourtney Kardashian a very happy birthday!

  6. Ted Turner Serves Up His "Life Lessons"

    Ted Turner returns from his stint on the Oprah Winfrey Network to share some more "life lessons."

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