The Terrible 20

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  1. The Terrible 20: "Star Wars" Spinoffs

    Help finish this sad list of sci-fi rejects that belong in a galaxy even farther away...

  2. Terrible 20: SyFy Movies

    It's a perfect storm of cheesy killer animals and, um, storms.

  3. Terrible 20: NSA-Intercepted Google Searches

    A list of searches that, if nothing else, might make nosey G-Men scratch their creepy heads.

  4. The Terrible 20: "Star Trek Into Darkness" Plot Twists

    Sulu trades in his samurai sword for a laser chainsaw.

  5. The Terrible 20: Facebook Fan Pages

    What's not to like? EVERYTHING

  6. The Terrible 20: Wi-Fi Network Names

    If your walls could talk, your Wi-Fi network name is what they would say.

  7. The Terrible 20: Valentine's Day Gifts

    Nothing says "I love you" like salted pig meat.

  8. The Terrible 20: "Animal Planet" Dog Shows

    "Puppy Bowl" is a smash hit. These shows on the other hand...

  9. The Terrible 20: Online Dating Sites

    The Internet: A place for pictures of cats and true love.

  10. The Terrible 20: "We The People" Petitions

    Moronic petitions lacking any social value? That's democracy in action.

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