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  1. What's So Funny: "Weird Al" Yankovic Takes On Jargony Buzzwords With...

    The Ramones go to heaven, Creed goes to Westeros, and meow meow meow meow meow.

  2. What's So Funny: "These Aren't The Droids" is Neko Case & Ellie Kemper's...

    World Cup GIFs, Google exasperation, & Patrick Stewart's Best TwitPics.

  3. What's So Funny: George R.R. Martin Stops By "Gay Of Thrones"

    Arnold Fartzenegger's greatest hits, Quentin Tarantino's "Ghostbuster III" & the new Andy Richter/Ashanti joint.

  4. What's So Funny: The Best Anti-Pre-Marital Sex Music Video The 80s Ever...

    The "Game of Thrones" yearbook, Samuel L. Jackson's "Pulp Fiction" monologue, & black women run Hollywood.

  5. What's So Funny: LeVar Burton Reveals The New "Reading Rainbow" Theme...

    Neil Patrick Harris conquers the Tonys, "Calvin & Hobbes'" creator returns, & and a private parts roll call.

  6. What's So Funny: John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

    Pete Holmes' Ex-Men, Apple's terrifying new announcement, & the best local ad ever.

  7. What's So Funny: The "Star Trek" Sausage Party

    Also: Jay Z & Solange work on their problems, Patton Oswalt takes on his critics, and Millennials harp on their...

  8. What's So Funny: Pete Holmes Presents "Ray Romano Duets"

    Billy Eichner quizzes Olivia Wilde, Sofia Coppola's painfully indie "Little Mermaid," and "Frozen" gets downright...

  9. What's So Funny: The Star Wars Cantina Band Audition

    Andrew Garfield doesn't get Beyonce, Brookyln Decker gets sexual, and Obama gets even.

  10. What's So Funny: "Mad Men's" Jessica Paré Can Eat Whatever She Wants

    The proper ending for "Frozen," Peter Griffin gets an Instagram, and George R.R. Martin: wedding planner.

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