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  1. Ellie Kemper: Cameron Diaz's Naked Body Is Incredible

    Ellie thinks that Cameron's nude body is woo-worthy, and encourages you to "woo!" as well.

  2. Author Michael Lewis — Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien

    Conan has an in-depth discussion with acclaimed author Michael Lewis.

  3. Taye Diggs Wants To Be In "Magic Mike 2"

    Taye is so serious about snagging a role that he gives Andy a little lapdance to prove his exotic dancer bonafides.

  4. Dwayne Johnson's Awesomely 90s Fanny Pack Picture

    Which is your favorite part, the turtleneck, the silver jewelry, or the leather fanny pack? It's all so perfect.

  5. Taye Diggs Is Ready To Be A Marvel Super Hero

    Taye takes all his inspiration from "Django Unchained." Well, except for the murderous revenge part.

  6. Dwayne Johnson's "Hercules" Beard Was Made Of Yak Pubes

    Plus, The Rock lets Conan in on his nickname for his genitals. HINT: it gets awkward around Thanksgiving.

  7. Taye Diggs Gets Weepy Over Commercials

    All it takes for Taye to turn on the waterworks is particularly touching Guinness ad.

  8. Dwayne Johnson Has Named His Body Parts

    Perhaps you've met his biceps, the Hammer Brothers...Jack & Sledge.

  9. Stephen Moyer Relives The "True Blood" Photo Shoot

    When Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, & Stephen arrived for their Rolling Stone cover shoot, things got sexy.

  10. Roger Corman Gave Many Hollywood Legends Their Starts

    Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, & Jack Nicholson are just some of the luminaries that got their first break from...

  11. Stephen Moyer Loves The Foreign Dubs Of "True Blood"

    Stephen loves the super-macho voice used for Alcide in Spanish versions, and gives Andy Richter a little girl voice dub...

  12. Roger Corman's Magical LSD Experience

    Before filming "The Trip," Roger thought it only appropriate to drop acid for the first time.

  13. Gabriel Iglesias Teaches Conan Yoga

    Gabriel has lost so much weight taking yoga lessons from Diamond Dallas Page, he wants Conan to share in the joy.

  14. Gary Oldman's "Dracula" Sex Coffin

    To help Gary prepare for his starring role, Francis Ford Coppola sent over a casket for him to really inhabit the role.

  15. Team Coco Podcast #142: Chris Distefano & Melanie Iglesias

    The stars of MTV's "Guy Code" and "Girl Code" talk dating dealbreakers and turn ons.

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