Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Ice Cube returns as Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill's undercover boss in "22 Jump Street" Sorry, we just typed "Channing Tatum" & "under covers" & got distracted. What were we talking about?

  1. Kevin Hart: Ice Cube Never Laughs At Me

    CONAN Highlight: Kevin loves to make people chuckle, but he just can't crack Cube's icy front.

  2. Ice Cube Taught His Kids When To Swear

    Cube calls himself the coolest dad in America. Can anyone disagree?

  3. Conan Hectors Ice Cube For A Part In "23 Jump Street"

    Conan thinks he's a shoo-in for the role of Nerdy Assistant to Cube's police captain.

  4. Outtakes From The Lyft Remote

    Never-before-seen extras from Conan's now-infamous car ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

  5. The Many Faces Of Ice Cube

    Ice Cube is a master thespian whose expressions run the gamut from terror to delight to ecstasy.

  6. Ice Cube Loves Coors Light

    Back in the day, Cube hawked malt liquor, but now he's all about Coors Light -- and their paychecks.

  7. Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car

    CONAN Highlight: The stars of "Ride Along" teach Conan how to roll around Hollywood.

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