Jack Black

Jack Black

Our friend Jack Black stars in the black comedy, "Bernie," about an eccentric Texas millionaire and her strange gay mortician companion. Oh sure, that old story...

  1. Tenacious D Is Taking It Back To Basics

    Their tour is just them and their guitars; partly to get back to their roots, and partly to save on overhead costs.

  2. Fan Correction: That's Not A Judo Tiger Roll

    A self-professed judo pro dares to claim he knows more than Jack Black!

  3. Tenacious D & Conan Round Out Their Week Of Sexytime

    Conan's "Celebrity Kama Sutra" draws to a close with today's Twitpic!

  4. Extra Appendages Mark This Sexy Pose By Conan & Tenacious D

    FInd out just what the hell is going on in today's Twitpic!

  5. Conan and Tenacious D Break The Boundaries of Moral Decency

    This madness has got to stop. Someone do something!

  6. Tenacious D and Conan Explore New Sexual Territory

    Conan's "Celebrity Kama Sutra" continues with today's new Twitpic!

  7. Jack Black Will Do Anything To Get Into Hebrew School

    Jack Black will sing, dance, and do whatever you need to believe he's qualified for Hebrew school.

  8. Jack Black Loves Heavy Metal AND Gospel

    Jack Black understands that you can't spell antichrist without Christ!

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