Key and Peele

Key and Peele

Key and Peele come from a long line of comedy duos: Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis, and of course, Conan & His Hair.

What's So Funny: Michelle Obama Gets Her Own Anger Translator On "Key & Peele"
  1. Key and Peele's Ridiculous Football Names Return

    Check out a Season 3 sneak peek of Key and Peele's East/West Bowl sketch. L'carpetron Dookmarriot for MVP!

  2. Key and Peele's Older Fans Have A Lot To Say

    While Key and Peele's younger fans have short bursts of enthusiasm, the older fans like to linger.

  3. Team Coco Podcast #80: Jordan Peele

    Jordan Peele of "Key & Peele" almost "sleep made-out" with Keifer Sutherland during a flight to New York City.

  4. Jordan Peele On Meeting President Obama

    Apparently, the President is guarded by a gang of little old women.

  5. Jordan Peele On The "You Can Fly!" Sketch

    Jordan explains the inspiration behind a genius "Key & Peele" sketch.

  6. Keegan-Michael Key Is A Motown Hippie Mime

    Keegan-Michael Key explains the ins and outs of miming, er... object work.

  7. Keegan-Michael Key On Obama & Angry Black Wives

    Keegan-Michael Key talks about his inspiration for a couple of "Key and Peele" sketches.

  8. Jordan Peele Impersonates Obama, Method Man & Forest Whitaker

    Jordan Peele is a talented man, just ask any of the thousands of people he impersonates.

  9. Jordan Peele: "Madden" Video Games Turned Me On To Football

    Jordan Peele knows everything you could possibly want to know about made up football stats.

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