Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar's character on "The Big Bang Theory" has trouble talking to women. We can relate--we had the exact same problem in high school. And in college. And right now.

  1. Kunal Nayyar Learned To Grind Like A True American

    When Kunal moved to the U.S., he had to learn the finer points of American culture, like what "white trash" means.

  2. Kunal Nayyar's Tips On Being Married To Miss India

    Kunal is married to a former beauty queen, but despite that, he's learned the value of a well-placed fib.

  3. Kunal Nayyar Teaches Conan The Art Of The Stank Face

    When something is just so good it hurts, that's when Kunal busts out his stank face.

  4. Kunal Nayyar's Puppy Pees And Poops A Lot

    The "Big Bang" star is having a hard time adjusting to doggy-parenthood.

  5. Kunal Nayyar On His "Big Bang Theory" Love Interest

    Chuck Lorre told Comic-Con he can't wait to see it, and neither can we.

  6. Kunal Nayyar Wants To Be Hairless As An Olympic Swimmer

    Kunal Nayyar may no longer manscape, but he's still captivated by smooth moobs.

  7. My Mama Jokes Featuring Joel McHale, Metta World Peace, Brittany Snow &...

    These celebrities tell "my mama jokes," which are "yo mama" jokes about the nicest, smartest, most wonderful lady...

  8. Kunal Nayyar's Big Fat Indian Wedding

    Kunal Nayyar nearly died on a horse in the middle of his wedding celebration.

  9. Kunal Nayyar Is Adjusting To Married Life

    Kunal Nayyar understands that the best part of being married is passive aggressive towel folding.

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