Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham stars in the new HBO series "Girls." Yet HBO passed on our Mrs. Garrett-centric "Facts of Life" reboot, "Girls, girls, girls!" Seems strange.

  1. Lena Dunham Is Not A Flirty Texter

    Lena Dunham is clueless when it comes to sexting, flirtexting and everything else.

  2. Lena Dunham On The Sex Scenes Of "Girls"

    Lena Dunham is her own worst enemy when it comes to her sex scenes.

  3. Lena Dunham Is Unhappy About Defaced "Girls" Billboards

    CONAN highlight: If you must vandalize a "Girls" billboard, please remember that Lena Dunham is the star of the show.