Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks pays tribute to the legendary Sid Caesar, the godfather of sketch comedy, and also the man who once dangled Mel out of a hotel room. Don't get any ideas, Andy!

  1. Mel Brooks: Sid Caesar Was The King Of Improv

    "Your Show of Shows" was live, so when Sid was dressed as a gladiator in a boardroom scene, he just rolled with it.

  2. Mel Brooks On Sid Caesar's Masterful Gibberish

    Sid didn't actually speak French, German or any other language but English, but he definitely faked it like a pro.

  3. Mel Brooks Reveals Why Sid Caesar Never Went Hollywood

    Mel tried to get Sid into movies, but the payday for his show was too sweet to ignore.

  4. Sid Caesar Was The World's Strongest Funnyman

    Not only was Sid the most talented guy Mel Brooks ever knew, but he was also the most manly.

  5. Larry King Remembers Sid Caesar

    Larry recalls his favorite Sid Caesar story, which ended up with Mel Brooks fearing for his life.

  6. Mel Brooks – Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien

    Director Mel Brooks joins Conan for a rollicking 80-minute look at his legendary career.

  7. Mel Brooks Had A Very Musical World War II

    It was no "Springtime For Hitler," but it was still pretty catchy.

  8. Mel Brooks On The Pros & Cons Of Writing For Sid Caesar

    On the plus side, he was a brilliant comedy mind. On the other side, he might dangle you above Michigan Avenue.

  9. Mel Brooks Details The Secrets Of "Blazing Saddles"

    Mel fills us in on the one deleted scene that was just a little too racy for the times.

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