Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is in Georgia filming "Anchorman 2," so booking him was easy. We just left a trail of "Sex Panther" cologne from his set to our stage.

  1. What's So Funny: SNL's "White Christmas" Is The First Black Holiday...

    Pete Holmes' Ex-Men, a potty-mouthed "Christmas Story," & justice for pancakes.

  2. What's So Funny: Celebrity Selfie Hall Of Fame

    Eminem poses, Patton Oswalt squawks, and Stephen Colbert goes job hunting.

  3. Paul Rudd's EXCLUSIVE "Anchorman 2" Clip

    Paul is filming the "Anchorman" sequel in Atlanta and brought an awesome clip with him.

  4. Young Paul Rudd Met Naked Pittsburgh Steelers

    Young Paul idolized Terry Bradshaw, even after a disturbing visit to the locker room.

  5. Paul Rudd's Son Is A Lego Maniac

    He's such a pro that he made a mini-fig that looks just like Conan.

  6. Paul Rudd & Conan Do a "Selfie"

    Find out in Conan's latest Twitpic!

  7. Paul Rudd Is Prepping For "Anchorman 2"

    Right now Paul's preparation is mostly growing his hair out like an insane person.

  8. Paul Rudd Used His Parenting Skills For "This Is 40"

    Even though his own son thinks yelling "Action!" means "No talking!"

  9. Paul Rudd Hit Up The Guinness Brewery In Ireland

    Before he could drink delicious Guinness, Paul had to learn a lot of boring Guinness facts.

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