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  1. Carl Reiner & Conan Take A #Selfishie

    CONAN Highlight: Carl loves to tweet, and has invited Conan to take part in the newest version of the selfie.

  2. Angela Kinsey: Johnny Knoxville Loves To Harass Me

    Whether it's prank texting Angela's ex, or drawing on her legs, Johnny loves to give her a hard time.

  3. Carl Reiner's Tale Of "The Untimely Erection"

    Carl's first gig was doing summer stock with a beautiful Southern Belle, some very strong footlights, and a co-star who...

  4. Angela Kinsey Bombed At Her Daughter's Show-And-Tell

    When Angela rapped a nursery rhyme, her child's classmates didn't exactly give her a standing ovation.

  5. Carl Reiner's Page-By-Page Book Giveaway

    Carl couldn't convince his publisher to give away copies of his memoirs to the studio audience, so he came up with an...

  6. Author Michael Lewis — Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien

    Conan has an in-depth discussion with acclaimed author Michael Lewis.

  7. Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz Used "The Joy Of Sex" For Inspiration

    Jason thought he was giving good "sex face" but he just ended up looking like Robert DeNiro with food poisoning.

  8. Matt Walsh's Three Breakfast Diet

    If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then three breakfasts are three times as important.

  9. Jason Segel's Awkward Spanish Interview

    In the middle of his Univision interview, Jason's in-ear English translation stopped, but he kept soldiering on.

  10. Matt Walsh Is Obsessed With Weather

    Matt watches so much Weather Channel, he's started dreaming up his own meteorologist stage names.

  11. Weird Fears: Jenny Slate's Pony Phobia

    The "Obvious Child" star has a litany of reasons why horses are the worst.

  12. Michael Strahan's Humiliating Animal Scare

    At this rate, Michael will never live down the time Hayden Panettiere tossed him a fake snake on live TV.

  13. Famke Janssen's Dog Has A Sex Tape

    Famke's dog is so progressive, he has a boyfriend AND a lover.

  14. Michael Strahan: "Babe" Makes Me Cry

    Watching the pig get a thumbs-up from Farmer Hoggett brings a tear to Michael's eye.

  15. Joe Manganiello Teaches Stripper Moves To Conan

    CONAN Highlight: Conan gets instructed in the fine art of body rolls by no less an expert than Big Dick Richie from "Magic...

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