1. Andy Richter's Twin Brother Arnold Is A Real Jerk

Andy Richter's Twin Brother Arnold Is A Real Jerk

Before today, nobody knew anything about the sibling rivalry epidemic at CONAN.


CONAN: first time ever in which two brothers are competing as head coaches.
You've got Jim Harbaugh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers.
John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore ravens.
Two brothers going head-to-head.
That's amazing.
What do you think, andy?
ANDY: Actually, Conan, I'm used to that kind of sibling rivalry.
I've been competing pretty much my whole life with my brother Arnold.
CONAN: you never told me you had a brother?
ANDY: I don't like to talk about him.
CONAN: you don't like to talk about your own brother?
I don't get it.
Why don't you like to talk about your brother?
ANDY: because he's jealous, Conan.
Conan: so you're Arnold Richter.
What are you doing here, Arnold?
You two really do look a lot alike.
CONAN: yeah, the only difference is -- I'm not a loser.
ANDY: yeah, THE only difference is, I'm not a loser.
CONAN: something's wrong with your mustache.
ANDY: what's with that mustache?
CONAN: only on, let's be nice about this.
ANDY: you're the loser, Arnold, I've got a great job on a TV show.
CONAN: that's right, you do have a good job on a TV show and don't you forget it.
>> I'm on a TV show now too I'm the new side kick for Dr. Phil.
Check it out.
CONAN: wow.
You can't fake that photo.
That's a good gig, congratulations, Arnold.
ANDY: if you like Arnold so much, why don't you just hire him.
CONAN: brothers have to learn to get along.
>> Yeah, right, we should get along like you get along with your brother?
Come on in, Jeff.
>> Hey, Conan, still a loser?
CONAN: we got a great show tonight.
ANDY: we sure do.
CONAN: I can't see through these things.
We didn't try these on at rehearsal.
Who is on the freaking show, andy's brother Arnold?
ANDY: Dax Shepard.
CONAN: Dax Shepard is on the show.
From identity --
ANDY: "identity thief," Genesis Rodriguez.
And comedian Adam Clayton-Holland.
CONAN: check me out.
I look like the commissioner on "batman.”
ANDY: you do.
CONAN: we got to wonder who that masked man.
Is we got nor show coming up.
Stick around, Jimmy.