1. Andy Samberg's SNL Sketch That Never Aired

Andy Samberg's SNL Sketch That Never Aired

The sketch revolved around asking people to join you in the bathroom, so no surprise it got cut.


CONAN: We have some things in common.
I was thinking about this during the commercial break and we were talking about it.
Both have written for "Saturday Night Live."
I did, a long, long time ago, when it was a comic strip in the papers, and then it evolved into a radio show and then became a television show.
But I was curious, it feels to me over the years like nothing changes.
The host shows up on Monday, and in my day, total B.S.
We didn't know what we were going to do.
I would always say it's you at a zeppelin factory.
People would go, could be good.
I never wrote that sketch.
It was a place-holder for Monday, to get me through Monday night.
Everyone did that and then throughout the week.
Did you ever write a sketch that you were convinced was going to be huge, like this is going to be great, and then it just didn't go?
I mean, there's a bunch.
One that comes to mind that I kept trying to pound in there and it never happened was a character whose name I don't even remember, but he had a catch phrase where he kept asking everyone if they wanted to come with him to the bathroom at a party, which was born of me actually not wanting to make the long walk to the bathroom on the 17th floor.
CONAN: Which is far away from the writers' offices.
It's quite a walk.
I remember that.
ANDY SAMBERG: It's a long walk and I get lonely really fast.
So I started out as in the office, where I'd be like, hey, I'm going to hit the head.
You want to come with?
I'm going to hit the head, wants to come with?
Want to come with?
It's like no one wants to go with you to the bathroom.
CONAN: Who says do you want to come with?
ANDY SAMBERG: This character.
CONAN: Yeah.
ANDY SAMBERG: So we wrote it up and it did OK, and then it did better the second time at the table and it actually went to dress one time.
CONAN: Dress rehearsal, yeah.
ANDY SAMBERG: Exactly, dress rehearsal.
Played pretty bad.
CONAN: Right.
Audience just stared at it pretty much.
ANDY SAMBERG: It was basically what you just said was their thought.
Who says, who wants to come with to the bathroom?
CONAN: You get enough people in a room, they will give you the correct answer.
And you try and try and you put something out there for them and you're like, what do you think of this?
When all of them are quiet it means they're not wrong, you're wrong of the 
ANDY SAMBERG: It's true.
I still think it's kind of funny, though.
Doesn't matter what you say, he's going to ask, you know?
CONAN: Want me to try it right now?
ANDY SAMBERG: Anything topical.
CONAN: Hey, who do you think the new pope's going to be?
ANDY SAMBERG: I'm going to hit the head.
You want to come with?
CONAN: Fantastic.
ANDY SAMBERG: That was really nice of you guys.
Thank you.
That was like make a wish.
CONAN: What a waste of a wish.
All he wants is to get a laugh.
ANDY SAMBERG: Now I can get the part of Gandalf, off to the netherworld.