1. Andy Serkis Channels Gollum & Caesar The Ape

Andy Serkis Channels Gollum & Caesar The Ape

CONAN Highlight: The master of motion capture acting improvises a "Lord of the Rings" meets "Planet of the Apes" conversation.


CONAN: I was so impressed obviously with Gollum and then with Caesar and in this movie.
How you're able to bring these guys to life.
How they become real characters.
You couldn't do it with just C.G.I.
ANDY SERKIS: Absolutely.
That's the great thing about this performance catch.
They render the facial expressions.
It's getting better and better with each film.
CONAN: What's different about this movie.
I loved the last one and this movie has taken it to the next level.
The apes can now talk.
10 years has gone by since the last movie.
They can talk now and because they can talk, you had to learn different ape vocalizations.
CONAN: I guess you have an ear for different vocalizations for different apes?
ANDY SERKIS: Last time I was here we were doing King Kong so I was studying gorillas.
I was playing a chimp but there are other ape species.
Some were learning how to speak in orangoutang and others chimp.
But caesar also learned sign language and then starts to use human language, so it was finding a way of making all that kind of credible.
CONAN: Can you give me an example of what the different vocalizations might be?
ANDY SERKIS: If a gorilla is saying I'm all right, are you all right?
They go --
And then --
You clearly are all right.
CONAN: I've had interviews go there way, before.
Talk to some actors -- usually leading men.
ANDY SERKIS: And then, of course, there's the famous chimp patter.
CONAN: Which is that?
ANDY SERKIS: They kind of go --
CONAN: Very good.
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
I'm bleeding into my --
Andy, do you want to take a shot at that?
ANDY: Sure.
CONAN: Oh, my god!
No, andy, no.
ANDY: I was about to fling feces.
Good thing you stopped me.
CONAN: Again?
What would it be like if gollum wanted to have a conversation with caesar.
How would that go to?
ANDY: He'd call him on the phone.
ANDY SERKIS: Probably something like -- he'd go -- do you know what?
Caesar -- Conan is funny.
And then gollum would join in.
He'd go "he's not funny, he's not funny."
What the hell are you going to do?
CONAN: That's fantastic.
When they're arguing over whether or not I'm funny they sound like my parents when I was growing up.
"Not funny!"