1. Anna Kendrick's Intimate Beyonce & Katy Perry Encounters

Anna Kendrick's Intimate Beyonce & Katy Perry Encounters

CONAN Highlight: Anna swooned over Beyonce, and got her boobs touched by Katy Perry; it was a pretty awesome Grammys night.


CONAN: I've never been to the grammys in my life, and you presented at the grammys and they get every star in the world in one room.
ANNA: Oh, it was crazy.
CONAN: Who blew you away?
ANNA: I know everybody is, but I'm totally obsessed with Beyonce.
I walked past Beyonce at one point and because I'm not worthy, I did not look at her.
CONAN: How close were you, backstage?
ANNA: We did make a detour down the front just to walk past Beyonce.
CONAN: So you and your friend spotted her.
ANNA: We said we'll just walk past her to get some of the aura.
We walked past.
My friends was like, dude, she was like motioning to you and You just walked past her.
And the panic.
I didn't quite know what to do.
But I thought once in a lifetime, just do it.
I went back and I just -- I was like, I'm so sorry to do this, I just wanted to meet you, you're such an inspiration.
She stood up, she was so nice and points to Jay-Z and she was like, we just watched you on the Kennedy center honors, and you're so cute in your little red dress, which means she actually watched it, or I was having a stroke.
And I imagined the entire thing.
CONAN: Were you in fact wearing a little red dress?
ANNA: Yes.
CONAN: Very good.
So it's probably true.
And Jay-Z is right there.
That's fantastic.
ANNA: Yes, and she's motioning to my friends, she's so cute.
She's on excited.
And my friends are having a moment with Jay-Z, like we are on the same level.
CONAN: Just don't say that out loud.
I made that mistake.
Ha, ha, ha, we're on the same level and then their security throws me out.
ANNA: She was really, really nice.
It was a crazy night.
I've never been around so many -- Katy Perry finger-banged my cleavage.
It was a weird night.
She's very mature.
She just does that, she just does that?
ANNA: I was kind of asking for it.
If nobody did that, I would have been a little bit sad.
CONAN: This was an unplanned moment and I want to stay right here.
Paint the scene.
So you're standing still and Katy Perry walks by and --
ANNA: I have met her before and, yeah, she's like --
CONAN: That's her thing.
ANNA: Yeah, she's aggressive.
I like it.
That's fantastic.
We have -- you instagrammed a picture of you with Beyonce.
ANNA: Yeah.
CONAN: You put this heart around it?
ANNA: No, that was just there.
ANDY: Oh no, you've gone insane.
ANNA: No, I know, it is a little crazy.
So I feel like we're either going to be best friends, or she has a restraining order.
But you've got to --
You got to try for it.
CONAN: You'll always have Katy Perry.
That relationship is solid.
That's fantastic.