1. Bill Hader's Killer "Star Wars" Impressions

Bill Hader's Killer "Star Wars" Impressions

CONAN Highlight: Attention J.J. Abrams: nobody can pull off a dying tauntaun & Jabba like Bill Hader can.

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CONAN: I know you're a huge "Star Wars" fanatic.
I'm curious.
Now that J.J. Abrams is famously firing up the "Star Wars"
franchise making new ones, have you thought at all about pitching yourself to be in a "Star Wars" movie?
BILL: Yeah, I cornered him.
I said, I can do whatever you want, I can do anything.
I go -- I can do joba the hut dying.
CONAN: Can we hear it?
BILL: Ah, ah!
I've been working on that since the third grade.

CONAN: Was that another impression?
BILL: What was one I did on the last one? I don't know.
I think I did a dying ton-ton.
CONAN: That's what these shows are built on.
Good is good.
What I'm shocked at is these are not roles that I think you would pitch yourself for.
I would think you'd want to be the new Han Solo.
BILL: Yeah, my agent is like really?
You want to do the voice of the thing that got cut open?