1. Brian Posehn Is A Superhero Purist

Brian Posehn Is A Superhero Purist

You can't have Superman fight Wolverine, and you simply MUST watch "The Avengers" naked.


CONAN: You said you love comics.
You love super heroes.
You love super hero movies.
Any of them in particular?
BRIAN POSEHN: Oh, man, "the avengers" I've seen four or five times.
It's amazing.
I was watching it in Times Square.
I was hating myself.
I was watching "the avengers" nude, which is the way you should watch that movie.
But we should have been allowed to have our [BEEP] out during the theater.
Come on.
BRIAN POSEHN: I will tell you why.
Because when hope beats the [BEEP] out of lrving -- loki, that's a full on [BEEP].
CONAN: All right.
The censor left 20 minutes ago.
The censor left when you pulled up in your car and shot himself.
ANDY: Printing out his resume.
CONAN: You know what, we're out of time.
We really are out of time.
It's not because you started doing that.
That in and of itself is not offensive.
That's me holding my hand on the side of the microphone which is how I do it.
I'm clearing the room.
"immortalize" is on amc.
And this is a show -- it's described as the --
BRIAN POSEHN: Iron chef of taxidermy.
CONAN: So taxidermists compete.
BRIAN POSEHN: They're really good at their job.
They don't cook the dead animals.
CONAN: Right.
That's the second show.
When they approached you and said we want to do this show, at first you were red sent.
BRIAN POSEHN: I just love animals.
And they said well, these animals died of natural causes but I actually wish they died doing something really cool like set their meth labs on fire.
CONAN: They don't have meth labs.
BRIAN POSEHN: Yours don't.
CONAN: "immortalize" appears on amc.
His one-hour special "the fartist."
It says right here hold up props.
I went to college.
"the fartist," hold up prop is coming soon to Netflix!