1. Budweiser's Clydesdale Ad Takes A Dark Turn

Budweiser's Clydesdale Ad Takes A Dark Turn

CONAN Highlight: One of the Super Bowl's tearjerking commercials gets macabre in these alternate takes.


People talk about that more than they talk about the game.
The Raiders won.
The 49ers almost came back.
They talk about the ads.
They liked the commercial starring the Clydesdale horse.
Yeah, you liked that?
CONAN: I have to say, I watched that ad and man, even I got choked up.
CONAN: It's kind of sad.
Very sad.
All right, all right, OK.
You got me!
That obviously wasn't the real Clydesdale ad.
This is the real one.
   >> Chicago police department, runaway Clydesdale division.
CONAN: We're just bad people at this show.
CONAN: We're just horrible, horrible people.