1. CeeLo Green Does Stand-Up Comedy

CeeLo Green Does Stand-Up Comedy

CeeLo's conquered music and TV, and now he's got his sights set on comedy. No surprise that he likes to work blue.


CONAN: Grammar winning singer, rapper and musician and I'm told not too long ago you tried stand-up for the first time.
CeeLo: I did.
CONAN: What possessed to you do that?
CeeLo: Guys, I thought to myself if I want doing music, I would try my hand at comedy.
I have a sense of humor.
Either that or I can do interior design.
I like that too.
I always thought I would be a soul singer.
CeeLo: I bet you could.
You can do it.
See, you're good at it.
No, but I tried --
CONAN: You even sound good --
CeeLo: You can try if you took yourself seriously.
CONAN: It -- if I took myself seriously, I could hit every note.
There's no note I can't hit.
That's a lie.
You tried stand-up.
Did you go to a club?
How did this roll?
CeeLo: I'm filming a reality based on a show for TBS in Atlanta and it became -- I mentioned it in a conversation and they ended up making a situation out of it.
So yeah, I went to uptown comedy club, really famous market down in Georgia.
A lot of my good friends came out.
Made me feel really comfortable in doing it the first time and they supported me.
CONAN: What kind of material did you have?
What kind of jokes were you doing?
CeeLo: I only know two decent jokes that are not really funny but funny to me.
CONAN: You just described the opening of my show every night.
I was backstage, oh, I will try it.
CeeLo: You're terribly funny.
One of my all-time favorites.
CONAN: Thank you so much.
Can we hear one of your jokes?
I want to hear one of your jokes.
CeeLo: I used to do this show in Las Vegas when I was doing residency there at the planet Hollywood.
It's adult entertainment so I hope it's no too racy for TV.
CONAN: It's late.
I think we can handle it.
There are no children here.
There are no children in the room.
CeeLo: OK, listen close.
It goes like this.
I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard most ridiculous thing.
There was a guy on there insisting he had a revolutionary way to lose weight.
So I tuned in and listened closely because, you know, trying to lose a little weight myself, right?
So he insisted that instead of eating food the normal way, you have to stick it up your butt.
Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous.
I'm like oh, well, that won't work for me.
So a woman calls in and she said, I will take you up on your offer.
She said give me four weeks.
Give me a month, I guarantee results or money back.
Apparently she did it.
Came back in four weeks and, results were there.
She looked wonderful.
But she was walking a little funny.
She was walking like this.
She was like --
So the doctor says, miss Johnson, you look wonderful.
I told you that my way would work for you but you're walking funny.
Is everything OK?
She said oh, yes, doctor, everything is fine.
I'm just chewing a little bubble gum.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Yeah!
CeeLo: Let's take a break.
Much more with CeeLo Green in a second now.