1. Charlie Brown's Recent Arrest Was No Surprise

Charlie Brown's Recent Arrest Was No Surprise

If you look at the cartoons, Charlie Brown has an extensive stalker past.


CONAN: the man who played the voice of Charlie brown in any of the peanuts television specials we all watched growing up was arrested for allegedly being a stalker.
Now, I know you're shocked.
Especially that woman there.
This is not that surprising.
It really isn't surprising if you go back and watch the peanut specials again.
[Cheers and Applause]
what's the one -- didn't they get stale of the one where Charlie brown is peering out over the river?
That is the creepiest -- I want to see that again.
I want to send that out at Christmas time.
That's the creepiest one.
Who's aroused by a dog and a bird?