1. Charlie Hunnam Kicks Burglar Ass Regularly

Charlie Hunnam Kicks Burglar Ass Regularly

If you're looking to break into Charlie's place, just know that he's big and tough and has a weapon in every room.


CONAN: You move here and you've been burglarized I think more than once -- twice.
And you yourself have confronted the burglar and chased him off, is that right?
One always thinks what one would do in a situation like that.
CONAN: Oh, I know what I would do.
I would get -- I would climb into the disposal of my sink.
ANDY: A panic box.
Not even a panic room.
A box to ride hide in.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: I get very angry.
I work hard and I live with my girlfriend.
I went out and confronted them a couple of times.
CONAN: Tell me what happened the first time.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: The first time I had one of those very cheap garage doors, the one-peels kind of tin things and it was 11:00 in the morning on a Tuesday and the guy just ripped it up.
You know, bent the thing in half and was as casual as you like walking through my backyard looking for ways into my house figuring outs how he was going to rob him.
I saw him and at that point I only had one weapon in my house, which was a base ball bat next to my bed.
I thought let's get the bat, see what's going to happen.
ANDY: Kind of like a scientist.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yeah, welcome to my lab.
I ran through the house and grabbed the bat.
I have French doors from my bedroom and I went out just as he was rounding the house and he stopped and I looked at him and I said "so we got business, mother [beep]."
It was so anoising -- annoying.
Turns out we didn't have business.
He was not intimidated at all.
He just turned around and casual as you like, strolled out.
I said run!
CONAN: That's so amazing.
What happened the next time?
By the way, where do you live?
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Right in Hollywood.
I don't know what the heck --
CONAN: It's not -- like zombies coming through the window.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: So then I made it my business to arm myself.
CONAN: You wanted to take it up a notch.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: I'd be somewhere at a swap meet or something, I said oh, that would be good.
ANDY: Like a mace.
I have a hatchet, a samurai sword.
But I also have a machete.
But it's kind of old and rusted.
CONAN: Doesn't matter, it would still get the job done.
ANDY: You apologize first.
ANDY: I am sorry about the shape my machete is in.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: And unfortunately I just have one weapon in each room.
So in that particular room --
CONAN: You can walk into any room and -- you could be sitting on the toilet and --
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yeah, you got to be prepared.
That's my biggest fear is to be broken into while in the shower.
Then you're wet and naked.
That might arouse suspicion.
CONAN: Well, yes.
We'll move on.
So the second time, a guy comes in the house, you have a machete?
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yeah, it was 3:00 in the morning and I was learning my lines and I had my cat on the knee.
He's a little more skittish than I am.
CONAN: I would throw the cat.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Let me tell you.
He acts tough.
He was out of there.
He kind of co-Maddenoed out and looked and I could tell he really saw something and he was gone.
He looked back a little bit like sorry, bro.
CONAN: He got on his little motorcycle.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: It was a skateboard.
But yeah, and so I had the machete and I stemmed out and there was this big guy -- steppled outs and there was this big guy there and I was thinking god, I wish I had a bat.
It's not a friendly ma numplete I was thinking if I turned it sideways I could kind of spank him with it.
Not like that, a kind of --
CONAN: He'd be like oh, one more time.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: But thankfully he saw the machete -- machete and he said OK, I'm going to get out of here.
CONAN: I think the word is out, do not mess with your house.
Leave you alone.