1. Charlie Hunnam Doesn't Like Weekend Motorcyclists

Charlie Hunnam Doesn't Like Weekend Motorcyclists

Charlie gets guff for wearing sneakers to ride his bike; mostly from wussy dentists.


CONAN: Ladies, please, you're embarrassing both of us.
That's such a nice reaction that you get.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: It really is 
CONAN: I was not surprised because the women on my staff have been going crazy.
Since they've found out that you've been coming on the program, they've been losing their minds.
No more than my assistant, Sona.
She keeps a cardboard cutout of you next to her desk and we took a picture of it today.
This is her desk.
CONAN: No work gets done with that thing around.
CONAN: That's got be a nice feeling.
What do you pay for one of those things?
CONAN: I'll get you one.
CONAN: So you can walk around and take pictures of yourself, with yourself.
You're so famous now for being a biker and you're not just an actor who pretends to be a biker.
You ride a bike in real life.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yes, I ride a motorcycle.
CONAN: And you rode a Harley here to the studio today.
And normally when you come to Warner brothers they don't let you ride on to the studio.
They make you park in a secondary car park.
But today, being your guest, they let me right on.
I must be V.I.P. status now.
CONAN: When you know me you're pretty much the kick of Los Angeles.
I didn't intend that to be a laugh line.
OK, you take -- there are weekend bikers here, especially in Los Angeles, but in every city.
Guys like to get on the road and ride around.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Weekend warriors.
CONAN: And sometimes they give you flak because on the show you wear --
CHARLIE HUNNAM: I wear the white sneakers, which is a southern California thing to do.
When I was doing the research for the show, I went up to Oakland, the area that "sons of anarchy" take place and got to hang out with a very well-known motorcycle club and a lot of them wore white sneakers.
One guy in particular, who was the heir apparent of the club up there -- basically the character I play.
In real life.
He had every one of his birthday parties at the clubhouse and his father was in the club and everything.
He had such an aura about him, this guy.
I basically borrowed.
CONAN: You wore white sneakers but then you started to have people criticize you who wear the leather and the black boots.
CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yeah, they'd say bikers wear biker boots.
I said you we're biker boots because you're a dentist.
CONAN: You're an account ant during the week.
You're riding during the weekend and suddenly --
CHARLIE HUNNAM: You're riding a bike every day.
You're wearing tennis shoes.
Sometimes if I'm just going to the post office or whatever, I'll go in flip-flops.
CONAN: Sure, get your manicure.