1. Chloë Grace Moretz's Awkward Hit-Girl Encounter

Chloë Grace Moretz's Awkward Hit-Girl Encounter

If you want to come across as a super-creep, just ask Chloë to punch you in the face.


CONAN: You know, it's so interesting the first "kick-ass" how old were you at the time?
I read the script when I was 10 and filmed it when I was 11.
CONAN: A lot of people identify yourself as hit girl.
Is that strange when you're out, you're trying to have a good time and fans identify you with that role.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: I'm not going to lie.
I was at a Paul McCartney concert a year ago.
And this guy was really drunk.
He came up to me.
And he said, hey, man.
Are you hit girl?
Maybe I could say I'm from Arkansas and I'm out visiting.
And he goes will you just punch me in the face?
No, I'm not going to punch me in the face but thank you for asking.
CONAN: It's so weird too.
They want something in that moment that you can't possibly give them.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: Well, a black eye.
CONAN: Well, you probably could.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: I could do it to them.
I'm a much nicer person than that.
CONAN: You've trained so hard for both the films.
You actually are quite a good fighter.
What are the styles of martial arts that you trained?
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: I learned a tons of different things in martial arts.
I learned krav maga, jujitsu.
You learn all these random moves and they put you on set.
And they say, go this one, this one, and this one.
CONAN: It's almost like it's choreographed.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: But I could fight someone, hopefully.
CONAN: You'd like to fight somebody.
You want to use it in real life.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: If you come at me.
I would d, you know --
CONAN: Andy, get her.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: You ready to go?
CONAN: That's how I would operate.
You are 16 years old now. You're so -- you're so poised.
You seem older, you know?
Spiritually older.
Is that a fair thing to say?
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: Yeah, I mean, I guess so.
The minute I'm around my friends I'm a total goof.
I'm a goof.
I'm a ham.
I mess up and trip over myself.
CONAN: What about adults, do adults forget that they're talking to someone that's 16?
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: Usually what happens is they try to talk to me about their marital problems.
And I'm like -- I'm a great listener -- I listen really well.
CONAN: My marriage is OK, by the way.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: I will listen to you.
CONAN: No, but really, you have adults talk to you --
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: Gosh, last night he was just so annoying.
Yeah, when I was never in a relationship I know what you mean there.
CONAN: But you sort of give them advice even though you don't have to base it on.
I base it on four older brothers.
My older brother is macho.
It's like ethan be nice.
I'm just trying to make him more metro.
CONAN: He should listen to you.
This is great advice.
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: Tell him that.
CONAN: I'm afraid of him.