1. Chris Bosh Is The King Of Photobombs

Chris Bosh Is The King Of Photobombs

He's like a mama grizzly--you do not want to come between Chris and a camera.


CONAN: You have a big sense of humor.
You're a big fan of the photo bomb.
You bring a lot of joy to other players, certainly fans.
We have a picture of you with Chris Paul, I think.
There you are in the back.
CONAN: That's the same look Elijah is giving when he's on the runway.
You with Dwyane Wade.
I love --
Those are really good.
And then I like this one a lot.
This was actually an action shot.
LeBron is talking on camera in this videotape and you, it's fun.
CHRIS BOSH: You know it's going to be a hot crowd with --
CONAN: They're looking for it now.
CHRIS BOSH: I look for it too.
Being on a team that actually wins, it's really fun.
CONAN: Really?
That's so shocking to me.
I've always wanted to be on the losing team.
Seems there could be more drama there.
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, I'm not a dramatic person.
But actually being in that position to win games and your mind just starts wandering after a while and I love the camera.
CONAN: Yes, you do.
CHRIS BOSH: When I see it if I'm on the court I'm like how can I mess with this dude?
CONAN: This is you doing the robot.
I love this one too.
Good robot.
You know what you should start doing, you should start doing that stuff during the game while you're playing.
You hit a shot, duck out and then come back in again, look out -- around.
CHRIS BOSH: As long as we're winning first.
CONAN: This has got to be a strange experience for you.
Tim Duncan of the spurs, one of your all-time heroes.
Growing up you had his poster in your room and you idolized the guy and then you play against him in this incredible serials and win.
Do you have mixed feelings about that?
Is it a strange experience to play your hero?
CHRIS BOSH: It's a strange experience at first.
First of all you can't believe you're here and then you look across at who you're playing.
You're like man, this dude has way more experience than me.
I don't know how I'm going to fare.
I have to grade -- guard him.
Then you fast forward.
We're in game seven.
It's like looking back on it and saying wow, I can't believe that just happened.
Like who was your idol growing up?
CONAN: Ah, Andy Richter.
No growing up, for everybody like me was Johnny Carson.
You have one show, Johnny Carson has another and you have to do better than him.
Actually, you have to stop Johnny Carson.
That doesn't make --
CONAN: It doesn't work the same way.
CHRIS BOSH: You know what I'm saying.
CONAN: I know what you mean.
But I understand what you're saying.
ANDY: Johnny Carson has been sent to murder you.
CONAN: Stop them!
This is a TV series.