1. New Conaco Pilot: Coma House

New Conaco Pilot: Coma House

From the producers of "Big Brother" comes the reality show that's all about vegging out.


CONAN: We have a great partnership with tbs.
We get along very well with the company.
Recently they asked me if I can develop more programming for their network.
It was a real honor.
Wow, guys, this is cool.
We worked hard.
We came up with a new reality show and I know there are a lot of them, but I think this one -- what are you doing that for?
CONAN: Tbs is watching.
We have a show and we're behind this.
We came up with a new reality show that I think they're going to love.
I think America is going to love it.
Take a look.
>> From the producers of "big brother" comes a new reality show that will open your eyes, the competitors come in but only one will come out and they'll stop at nothing to win the $1,000 prize.
Experience all the drama, the laughter and all the hot uncensored hook-ups you can handle.
Personalities clash as alliances are formed and broken, only on tbs' "coma house."
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