1. Justin Bieber's Other Apology Tweets

Justin Bieber's Other Apology Tweets

CONAN Highlight: After apologizing to Bill Clinton, the Biebs decided to drop a note to other global stars while he was at it.


CONAN: Justin Bieber got in trouble for saying F.U., Bill Clinton.
So he called president Clinton to apologize.
And Bill Clinton tweeted him, thanks for taking the time, Mr. President, your words mean a lot. #great guy.
Problem solved.
ANDY: I'm even going to hash tag him.
CONAN: The former president saw my #greatguy.
Where's lil' twist?
We learned that Bieber has been tweeting a lot of other famous people.
For example he tweet pope Francis.
Dig your costume.   
You're on the path #keepstriving.
Paul McCartney, he tweeted who are you?
Steven Hawking he tweeted thanks for being cool about my posse taking your wheels for a cool ride.
Use it.
Coolest sick kid I ever met.
And finally he tweeted Morgan Freeman, get well soon, sir.
South Africa needs you.