1. Conan's "Breaking Bad" Cold Open

Conan's "Breaking Bad" Cold Open

CONAN Highlight: Conan journeys to the desert to retrieve something he needs to greet the cast and creator of "Breaking Bad."

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  • Transcript:

    [Cheers and Applause]
    ANDY: What?
    CONAN: It's time for our episode with the cast of "Breaking Bad."
    ANDY: Oh, is that today?
    CONAN: Yeah.
    ANDY: Just give me five more minutes, OK?
    CONAN: Fine, five minutes.
    ANDY: Hey, put the lid back on.
    CONAN: Sorry.
    [Cheers and Applause]
    ANDY: Coming to you from Warner Brothers Studios, it's "Conan"!
    Tonight, the cast and creator of "Breaking Bad"!
    And musical guests Los Cuates De Sinaloa, featuring Jimmy Vivino and the basic cable band.
    I'm Andy Richter.
    Tonight's episode, Mr. White meets Mr. Extremely white!
    Now here he is, Conan O'Brien!
    [Cheers and Applause]