1. The New "Breaking Bad" Drug Lord Isn't So Scary

The New "Breaking Bad" Drug Lord Isn't So Scary

CONAN Highlight: Call us crazy, but this guy doesn't really rank as one of Vince Gilligan's greatest villains.


CONAN: First of the season "breaking bad" episode appeared Sunday night.
Everybody's been talking about how tense and suspenseful these episodes are going to be.
I'm a huge fan of the show.
But I was a little surprised by the newest druglord they've added to the cast.
I've really -- I don't know.
I think they could have done better.
Take a look.
>> So word on the street, you like some pretty hard core drugs and stuff like that.
But I'm the druglord in this desert.
And ain't no one muscling in on my territory.
>> I'll give you 35% of it.
>> Hm, I hate to play hard ball with you, but what about 36?
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: Hope you guys liked it.