1. LOGO's Brony Documentary Isn't What You Think

LOGO's Brony Documentary Isn't What You Think

CONAN Highlight: Bronies are guys who are obsessed with My Little Pony. Or at least, that's what most of them say.


CONAN: There's one called logo television network.
This is true.
It ran a documentary about bronies.
If you haven't heard -- some of you may know what bronies.
They're adult men who are adult men who are a fan of the show "my little ponies.”
I thought bronies were a joke.
But I saw this documentary they aired and I found it fascinating.
Check it out.
Brony: One of my friends called me on Skype one day and said hey, have you seen this show?
It's called "my little ponies.”
The Internet is raving about it.
You have to see the show.
Brony: So I put on another one and another one.
ANDY: I just couldn't get enough.
I would wait until my wife went to bed and watch it.
Brony: My little pony, I'm getting excited about my little pony.
ANDY: I wish I could breed them in a farm.
Brony: I was like this show is amazing.
ANDY: I feed them a handful of oats and wash their muscular haunches.
My little pony?
I thought we were talking about porn?
Those guys are sick.
I'm talking about breeding male porn stars on a farm, not cartoon ponies.
My reputation is at stake here.
[Cheers and applause]
All right.
We've got a great show tonight.
ANDY: When you said brony documentary, I was hoping it wasn't that brony.
CONAN: How many are you in?
ANDY: Three.