1. Coco's Booty Has Swallowed Her Thong

Coco's Booty Has Swallowed Her Thong

CONAN Highlight: Coco's booty is so impressive, TBS censors won't let us show more than three seconds of it on air.


CONAN: I understand you were both just on vacation, some place quite exotic.
Where did you go.
COCO: Turks and Kay -- caicos.
CONAN: You posted a twit pic --
CONAN: This picture I'm told we're going to show you and the sensors here said we can only show it for three seconds.
COCO: Really?
ICE-T: Everybody has pause home on D.V.R.
COCO: All right.
I know about the picture.
He was the photographer.
It wasn't some creepy man.
He was the photographer.
ICE-T: It's still a creepy man.
CONAN: We can show it for three seconds.
Enjoy it while you can.
And go.
Are you naked there?
COCO: I'm not naked.
CONAN: Yes, you are.
You're naked.
COCO: I have a thong on but the booty swallows up the thong.
So I'm actually not technically naked.
COCO: It's just the angle I'm at.
CONAN: It was the angle he was at.
He cleared it and you said let's send it out to the world.
CONAN: You talk about your booty a lot.
You said you're gifted in the booty.
COCO: I mean, I like my booty but everybody likes it better.
I just happen to talk about --
CONAN: They see it more than you do.
No one can see their booty.
ICE-T: I think she can see hers if she looks over her shoulder.
CONAN: Yeah.
COCO: I love to give tips to the women who wants to get a scrumptious rear end.
That's another thing I do on twitter.
Not only do I like it.
But I think women appreciate the curvyness.
So do men.
I'm not going to put that out there.
But women want to know how to get like a nice little tight rear end.
I'm trying to help --
ICE-T: A lot of brothers, you need some butt because that's the impact area, you understand me?
You don't want to break a pelvis or anything.
You dig?
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: I don't understand what's happening.
ANDY: An excellent point.
ICE-T: My man right here.
He understands.