1. Introducing Gay-Friendly Pasta Toleranza di Napoli

Introducing Gay-Friendly Pasta Toleranza di Napoli

CONAN Highlight: Forget homophobic Barilla; this pasta company doesn't judge if you like your noodles straight or otherwise.


CONAN: The Chairman of the barilla pasta company is under fire saying he would never show a same-sex couple in his pasta commercials.
He also said he's against gay people adopting children, and that if anyone has a problem with his views, they can, quote, eat another brand of pasta.
Now, a lot of people do have a problem with his views and one pasta company is taking advantage of it.
Check this out.
Man: Some pastas are straight, some are not straight.
It's how they come out of the box.
At Napoli, we know this.
We make open-minded pastas.
We use straight wheat and gay wheat.
Tired of disproving pastas?
Try DiNapoli, for the man who likes penne, the lady who enjoys linguini, and those who like both.