1. Presenting The Gold iPhone 5s

Presenting The Gold iPhone 5s

CONAN Highlight: Apple's fresh new design team really has the Midas touch.


Apple Designer: Each detail of the 5-s is meticulously designed, engineered and crafted in a way that no iPhone has been before.
No two fingerprints are alike so we thought why not use them as passwords?
Apple Designer: And it's the first iPhone to be offered in the color gold.
To achieve this asympathetic, we went outside of our core --
ascetic we went outside of our corset of designers.
Man: Jet skis, sports car -- iPhone is gold!
Apple Designer: I want to make it clear, I only worked on the gray and silver ones, OK?
Man: That's cheap.
Camera is best.
Apple Designer: Regardless of the exterior colors, all the phones are equally as powerful on the inside.
Man: No, come on, come on.
Gold is best.
Gold is best.
She's not such an uptight bitch on this one.
She's good.
Real good.
Apple Designer: Their offices were based in Miami beach.
We didn't talk to them that much.
Man: You're at the beach and there's a hot lady on this side, a hot lady on that side.
He said only the hottest tracks for you and he's like buddy, you're the best.
Gold is best, best, best.
CONAN: I'd get it.