1. Conan Upgrades To iOS 7

Conan Upgrades To iOS 7

CONAN Highlight: Conan can't wait to update his iPhone, even though Andy warns that early upgrades can be pretty buggy.


CONAN: Earlier today apple released the new version of their mobile operating system I.O.S. 7.
Now, it's supposed to be a pretty major update.
And I've been excited about this for a while.
ANDY: I know, but you should really be careful, because the new one -- the new updates can frequently be very buggy, and it's probably not the best idea to download it on the first day.
Just wait a little bit.
CONAN: no, I'm one of those guys that needs to download it immediately.
I'm dying to check it out.
If you don't mind, ladies and gentlemen, I know we're in the middle of a show, but I'm going to update it right now, really quickly, it will just take a second.
This is going to take just a minute.
ANDY: Come on.
CONAN: no, it's going to be fine.
Going to be a little buggy.
It's not going to be buggy.
I've really nailed my impression of you lately.
It's getting ready to install.
ANDY: I think it's going to mess up your phone.
It could cause problems.
CONAN: 10% complete.
OK, 20% complete.
OK, all right.
Yeah, 30%.
This is going pretty fast, this is going well.
It's going very fast, yeah.
This is going well.
ANDY: Wait a minute.
What is happening?
CONAN: it's just updating my profile, don't worry about it.
ANDY: Wait!
Will you please stop updating your phone?
CONAN: it's almost done!
ANDY: Make it stop, please make it stop, stop, stop!
The Devil: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh, no, look what happened.
ANDY: Go to commercial.
CONAN: no.
That didn't happen at rehearsal.
It's a giant pez dispenser.
ANDY: Get inside, Conan, they'll never know.
CONAN: we're going to take a break.
Seth green is here.