1. Justin Bieber's Bratty Court Appearance

Justin Bieber's Bratty Court Appearance

CONAN Highlight: After his DUI arrest, the Biebs was fined $2500. Pfft. That's nothin' for him.


Justin Bieber, that's the big story, he was arrested last night for D.U.I., resisting arrest and illegal drag racing.
Now, earlier today Bieber appeared in court before a judge.
I think he still doesn't understand the seriousness of his situation.
Check this out.
>> So the total bond would be $2500 broken down, 1,000 resisting without violence, 1,000 for the D.U.I. and $500 for the expired driver's license.
Is there anything else before me involving Mr. Bieber?
>> No, your honor, but thank you very much for hearing us right away and we appreciate your honor's courtesy.
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